Muhammad Shoaib


Earned  US$ 8000

I am a disabled person with speaking problem, I have been doing freelancing from last 13 months or so. Alhamdulillah, I have earned $8000 so far. Thanks for providing such an amazing opportunity to work from home.

Muneeb Hussain


Earned  US$ 7200

I created an account on Upwork in Feb 2019 but failed. I tried again, worked harder and created another account in April. I became top rated freelancer in just 90 days. Alhamdulillah I have 100% job success and 1050+ work hours on Upwork.

Ali Khokhar


Earned  US$ 6924

I am working on the fiverr since March 2019 and I have earned more than 5500 USD in Web Development Niche within 3,4 Months. All is due to Almighty Allah. I learned a lot from It is a great platform for learning.

Muhammad Abbas


Earned  US$ 6295

After completing the Freelancing and WordPress course in batch 2, I started offering my services at Fiverr, Upwork and offline. I have earned $6295 in one year only. All the credit goes to the instructors and DigiSkills team. Thanks to all of you.



Earned  US$ 6000

I never thought that I would be making a full time living from basic programming languages, earning ten times of what I earned in my conventional job. I have a successful freelance blogging business too. I had no freelancing experience before this.



Earned  US$ 5900

I truly believe that a person with skills cannot be unemployed for a long time. I struggled a lot in the beginning of my career but I didn’t give up. I suggest you to start your freelancing career professionally, there are no shortcuts. Be consistent

Muhammad Rizwan


Earned  US$ 5000

I am working as a freelancer on Fiverr and Upwork. I have learned a lot from DigiSkills and now I am working as team and small company. I would like to say thanks for DigiSkills.

Syed Abbas


Earned  US$ 4000

I am a disabled person and cannot move the entire body below the neck. I joined Fiverr and enrolled in the Freelancing course. From Aug 2019 I have earned more than 4000 USD and I am a level two seller with 5 star rating. Thank you DigiSkills

Fayaz Hussain


Earned  US$ 3500

Hard work always pays off. After taking the courses from, I started freelancing in 2019. Now I am working on Upwork and Fiverr Alhamdulillah. I suggest everyone to start freelancing as a part time job or with studies for better future.

Ali Ahmed


Earned  US$ 3500

After taking the courses I created account on Upwork, Fiverr and Guru. I worked hard patiently and got a project after few weeks. I always follow the tips taught at DigiSkills and will become top rated soon. Thank you DigiSkills team and Instructors.

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