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Becoming a Freelance Writer: How to Get Started

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 Published on: Feb 17, 2023

Is writing something you are passionate about? And want to pursue it as a career, then you are at the right place; we have got you covered. Making it as a freelance writer can be overwhelming, but with the right steps and dedication, you can surely succeed.

If you're considering turning your writing hobby into a full-time career, you're in for a rewarding and potentially lucrative journey. However, it requires careful planning and hard work. Here are some steps to help you get started:

Asking the Important Questions

Now that you are ready to embark on this journey of becoming a writer. You need to self-evaluate first. Ask yourself the right questions; what are your strengths and Weaknesses as a writer, what is your experience, what is your area of expertise and niche, etc. 
Becoming a successful freelancer in the writing industry is no easy task. Staying motivated alone is not enough to make it in this highly competitive profession. You must ensure that you are highly qualified and have top-notch writing skills to stand out among others.
Especially in the beginning, when you are not landing projects and getting freelancing jobs, you need to have the great discipline to keep yourself going. You are in for the long haul, so addressing important questions right in the beginning would help you stick with this freelance writing journey.

Research is your Best Friend

Research. Research. & Research! We cannot emphasize enough; how important it is to have good research skills to make it as a writer. Before you start your career as a freelance writer, try to find out everything about the industry. Since you have already identified the important questions, now you need to gather information and refer to other videos, articles, and books that can help you embark on this writing career.
Also, go online and search freelance writing job platforms. This will give you an idea of which types of writers are more in demand and currently what employers are expecting from writers. 

It’s Time to Polish What you Already Know

This one is a no-brainer. First and foremost, to become a writer, you will have to improve your writing skills. You can start your journey towards becoming a writer by first enrolling and completing the Creative Writing course offered by The prerequisite for enrolling in the course is, that you need to have intermediate to good command of the English language. We strongly recommend practicing writing in English, as it is an international language and most of the writing jobs offered on freelance platforms require proficiency in English. So, to improve your writing skills we urge you to read extensively. Do not limit yourself to one niche of your interest but read outside of it as well. And lastly, write because the more you practice, the more you are likely to improve.

If you're considering turning your writing hobby into a full-time career, you're in for a rewarding and potentially lucrative journey.

Selecting a Niche

Initially, as a budding writer, we recommend that you decide on what you want to write about and focus on one area of interest. As, a freelance writer there are many areas that you can pursue like copywriting, technical writing, fictional & non-fictional writing, UX writing, and many more but it all comes down to what interests you, as the possibilities are endless. 
A lot of our trainees ask us if they choose a specific niche, do they have to stick to it only? And the answer to that is – Absolutely Not! 
Once, your writing career takes off, you can slowly but gradually write content that falls into other niches as well and make your writing versatile. Here once again ‘research’ comes into play. Research the niche you want to work in and see what type of content the readers would be interested in.

Building a Great Portfolio

For a freelance writer, having a portfolio is essential and it best works when it creatively demonstrates the writing skills, styles, and abilities. So, build a portfolio that showcases your expertise with professionalism and dedication. It will help your clients to see your writing style and experience in a particular niche. A great portfolio builds trust between a freelancer and the client and gives you an edge in a crowded marketplace by highlighting your strengths and capabilities as a writer.  This trust may lead to increased success and higher paying job opportunities. 

Networking is the Way to Go Forward

The idea of freelancing sounds very laid back as you get to work from home, but in reality, you must hustle a bit to make it big in the freelancing world. We recommend you join associations working for Freelancers in Pakistan. Join writing forums for new writers. Attend writing workshops and seminars. And connect with the writers around you, who are also trying to make it and succeed as freelance writers. Making connections can give you a lot of inspiration and push your career in the right trajectory.

You can start your journey towards becoming a writer by first enrolling and completing the Creative Writing course offered by

Eye on the Prize

So, now you have done the hard part. Put in the effort, completed the course, and made some connections. Kudos to you for doing all the heavy lifting. And now you must be wondering. What’s next? 
Staying organized and continuously improving your skill is the way forward. Remember how we talked about being disciplined right in the beginning, well that is something you have to inculcate, as it will help you power through the days when you don’t feel like working at all. 
Now that you are running a business as a freelancer, it is crucial to develop a strong work ethic. You must keep track of your finances, deadlines, and client communication to stay organized and professional. Also, focus on learning and improving your writing craft to stay competitive in the market.

So, Actually, What Does it take to become a Writer?

What we want you to take away from reading this blog is to become a successful freelance writer. It is important to continuously work on improving your writing skills, including your research skill, grammar, and writing style. Also, you must be aware of the importance of managing your finances and meeting project deadlines. 
These were some of the tips to get you started as a freelance writer, but you need to be willing to put in the hard work and continuous improvement to make it. Try to go through all these steps and follow the tips and advice and you will surely succeed as a freelance writer. 

Author: Munazza Khan | Reviewed by: Zonaira Ali



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    Nice, I am going to follow these steps.

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    Muhammad Arif

    Mar 13 2023 2:09AM

    Well written article.

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    Mar 7 2023 6:14PM

    It's a great push for me to become a short story and drama writer.

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    Uzma Sheikh

    Feb 24 2023 2:06AM

    Here we find a complete idea about how to start freelance writing. Thank you for sharing this blog! It`s beneficial for those who want to become content writers. It gave me more insight into content writing.

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    Yasir Ashaam

    Feb 21 2023 9:24PM

    It`s an amazing and very helpful blog for those who want to do freelance writing, and it would be a complete roadmap for them.

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    Well Explained!

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    Afshan Akmal

    Feb 20 2023 8:41PM

    Thank you for sharing this valuable information. I want to be a Blog writer & have recently finished my Creative Writing course with

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